The Womans Center Contraceptive Counseling and Management Hormonal contraception is available in many different forms, pills, patch Ortho Evra, vaginal ring, Nuvaring, injection, Implanon, or Mirena IUD The birth control pill, patch and ring contain two hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The birth control pill is taken daily and depending on the pill used, your period may come monthly, once every three months or can be skipped completely. A patch delivers the same hormones as the birth control pill through your skin and is changed weekly with your period coming every month. A ring delivers the same hormones as the birth control pill through the vaginal skin and is left in place for three weeks straight. It is taken out the fourth week during which you will have your period.

Progesterone only forms of birth control include DepoProvera injection, Implanon rods and the mini-pill. DeproProvera is an injection given every 3 months. Implanon is a single rod placed under the skin of the upper arm. Implanon provides birth control for 3 years. The mini pill is similar to the birth control pill except it does not contain estrogen. It can be given to breastfeeding mothers and women who have certain medical conditions where they cannot take estrogen.

One form of non hormonal birth control is the Paragard IUD, diaphragm and cervical cap.

If one of these forms of contraception appeals to you please discuss these with your physician.

All of the forms of birth control have different risks and benefits. It is important to choose a birth control based on your medical history. Please contact your physician to discuss if any of these hormonal options are right for you.

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